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Have a Warm Wakeup with Oats

With the cold weather starting up and winter just mere months away, oats are the perfect breakfast choice for those wanting to wake up to a satisfying, warm start to the day.


Yet with so many types of different oats to choose from, it can be downright confusing trying to pick the best type of oat for you. We’ll take you through all you need to know about the grain, from how each oat style is made and what oat type is best for you:

Oat Bran:


Oat Bran is first part of the grain to be processed. It is ground from the hull that covers the oat groat (or oat kernel) and is packed full of protein, iron, magnesium and many more essential vitamins. High in dietary fiber, oat bran is easy to digest and is a great breakfast choice.  

Oat Groat:


Oat groats, also known as oat kernals, are what exist inside the hull of the oat. Oat groats are similar to cooked rice with a slight nutty flavor, but will take over an hour to cook unlike rice.

Steel-Cut Oats:


When the oat groat has been cut into pieces, this is steel-cut oats. The texture of these oats are chewy and creamy, taking about 15 minutes to cook on the stovetop.

Stabilised Rolled Oats:


Steaming, then rolling the oat groat creates stabilised rolled oats. This process partially cooks the oat groat, creating a faster cook time with a thick, creamy texture. These are the most common type of oats using in baking and hold their form quite well.

Unstabilised Rolled Oats:


Unstabilised oats are created by rolling the raw oat groat but are not subjected to steaming, hence the name. The oat groat is rolled after hulling making sure the oat retains the high vitamin content and nutritional value.

Quick Rolled Oats:


Quick rolled oats are the most processed form of the oat grain and are usually what you’ll buy in the prepackaged cereal section at the supermarket. Quick oats are very quick to cook as the name suggests as they are rolled thinner creating a flatter oat than the traditional rolled oats.