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Eight tips to keep your health this festive season

The kids are on holidays. There are countless parties and family gatherings at which you ‘need’ to be. Presents to buy. Shopping to do. And holidays to sort out. Then there’s all that food.

You get the picture.

So, here are our 8 top tips to keep your health (and sanity) in check as you fast approach Christmas.

1. Do not skip meals

Take the time to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner made with nutritious wholefoods as much as possible. You will give yourself a better chance of eating less processed foods, and making smart decisions when your body and mind are nourished.

2. Hydrate

About 70% of your body is made up of water. It moisturises you from the inside out. So, drink enough water, and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables that are naturally high in water. Your brain and skin will thank you for it. Especially if you have one too many (see tip below) at this time of year.

3. Go easy on the alcohol

Consider having your first drink after you’ve eaten something solid. Then alternating your drinks with water. Sparkling water can make you feel as if you’re still having something special. This way you can enjoy the festivities without having a tipple too many – or end up with embarrassing moments!

4. Keep physically active

Unfortunately, exercise easily falls by the wayside at times of busyness and stress. Keep your commitment to exercise – consider it as keeping an appointment with a good friend or boss! Schedule it into your diary. Exercise is a natural antidepressant. So, when you feel great, you make much better choices. 

5. Get enough sleep  

We understand it’s party time, and the occasional late night can be quite fun – but not when it becomes a day-to-day affair. If you regularly skimp on sleep, you won’t be in the right frame of mind to make even the simplest of decisions – what to eat, what present to buy, etc. So back yourself with getting enough sleep most nights.

6. Don’t overcommit or feel obligated

Plan and select only those events that reasonably fit into your schedule. As you commit, schedule them into your diary. Keep stock of what you agreed to by checking with your calendar daily so that you are not overcommitting. You will have a ‘gut feeling’ as to how many events per week are too much for you. Also, when you can, only say yes to those that get you excited. To RSVP with a no, there is no need to explain. Simply say you’re unable to attend.

7. Plan. Plan. Plan.

Whether you’re cooking the Christmas feast, doing the shopping, sending out cards. Lists help, and so does delegating. Even though you may love to do it all, it may be wise to enlist some helpers. The same applies for buying presents – write a list for whom you’re going buy a gift, and what it’ll be before you head to the shops. You will save yourself a lot of time and energy – and enjoy this time of year even more. 

8. Focus on the fun, not food

When you have an engaging conversation – or are dancing! – at a party you more likely to forget about the food because you’re having fun. We tend to look for food at a party when we’re bored, unsure or nervous. If you’re an introvert, finda kindred spirit and get chatting. Or, if you’re at home, and the fridge or pantry is calling you with its Christmas goodies, busy yourself with other fun stuff – such as wrapping presents, writing thoughtful cards, calling loved ones, sorting out photos – or even pumping up the music to dance! (Yes, did you notice that we like to dance?)

We hope you like our 'sage' advice. Got any of your own to share?

The Apples & Sage team xx